Email Back Up Steps

Backing Up Email, Contacts, and Calendar from Thunderbird

Here are step-by-step instructions for backing up email, contacts, and calendar in Thunderbird on both Windows and Mac OS.

For Windows and Mac OS

1. Open Thunderbird:

2. Find Your Profile Folder:

3. Backup Your Profile:

4. Backup Emails, Contacts, and Calendar:

Importing and Exporting Specific Data

If you want to export specific data like emails, contacts, or calendar events separately, you can use Thunderbird extensions to simplify the process.

Exporting Emails

1. Install ImportExportTools NG:

2. Export Emails:

Exporting Contacts

1. Open Address Book:

2. Export Contacts:

Exporting Calendar

If you are using the Lightning extension (now integrated by default in Thunderbird) for calendar functionality:

1. Open Calendar:

2. Export Calendar:


By following these instructions, you can back up your email, contacts, and calendar from Thunderbird on both Windows and Mac OS. Remember to store your backup files in a secure location.