Virtual Machines

Virtual machines emerged as realization of the idea to exploit hardware resources more economically under the necessity to make the most of advantages and capabilities of various operating systems. As far as an interface is concerned, a virtual machine (called a “guest” system) is an ordinary computer but it utilizes technical resources of a “host” system it is installed on. In fact, such a machine is simply a file in a special format, thus, it operates without any conflicts with the "host" system as well as with any other VMs installed on it. Several machines share the same hardware resources to ensure most efficient simultaneous use of different operating systems, for instance, Windows and Linux.

Sudden loss of data on a virtual machine caused by such factors as unexpected PC shutdowns, software malfunctions or human errors doesn't affect data on the "host" system, which is a serious benefit of the implementation of virtual machines. But the above-mentioned factors may cause damage to the virtual machine resulting in data loss on it.

We can recover lost data from VMWare, Parallels and Microsoft Virtual PC . Our recovery possibilities can help whether you are running a Microsoft Windows computer or an Apple Mac and include all versions of the popular virtualisation softwares.

Whether you have suffered from accidentally deleted files, reinstalled an operating system or suffered another unknown issue with your virtual machine file, we can help you to recover your data and get back up and running in as soon as possible.

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