NAS/SAN Recovery

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a multi-disk device used as a file server providing data access to a various clients. Typically, RAID technology is used to combine NAS disks into a single storage, the most common RAID layouts used are RAID0 and RAID5. Most known NAS vendors are QNAP, Buffalo, NETGEAR, LaCie, Seagate, and Synology.

NASes usually work under Linux operating system and therefore their volumes are formatted to Linux-based filesystems like EXT, XFS, and BTRFS.

If you have a business, you definitely have a stock of data as well. NAS stands for network attached storage, and it refers to the exclusive device that offers bulk storage through a local area network, or LAN, nodes connection shared through the ethernet. Each NAS is supported by a different LAN and even has a distinct IP address.

If you have a NAS Storage device that has failed, the subsequent actions that you take could potentially have serious consequences for your data's integrity that is stored on your server currently and will severely limit the chances of your data being recovered successfully. Plan B Data Services offers NAS data recovery services on all devices. We can recover your drive so that further data loss is prevented. Our engineers are able to work with all operating systems and file systems.

It is critical that unqualified individuals are not allowed to attempt a RAID rebuild or recovery. That is one of the most common causes we encounter for data damage as well as irreversible, permanent loss of data that is otherwise perfectly healthy.

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